With very young learners much of what they do when you look at the classroom revolves around them.

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With very young learners much of what they do when you look at the classroom revolves around them.

Exactly about me

Before school they are generally the centre of ‘their’ universe so starting school can be a bit sometimes of a shock.

Start with welcoming them to the classroom.

prepare yourself before your lesson begins to be able to the stand by position the entranceway in place of being stuck behind a desk shuffling papers.

  • The very first sentence
    You might have a welcome phrase that you utilize for every single lesson such as ‘Good morning. How will you be?’ You will see that after a few weeks the children will quickly repeat back to you the same sentence therefore it’s important to maintain the opening expression that is same. You can of course have two so that you don’t sound like a parrot. You need to prompt the response of ‘Fine, thanks’ but after they have heard it a few times they will be saying it back once again to you with a big smile. This may give them a sense of achievement the moment they cross the classroom threshold. It will also make the classroom that is‘English a special place whereby they require a fresh language to enter in, exactly like a password. It’s essential that you welcome each child individually. They have to feel noticed and welcome.
  • The hello song
    Primary children generally speaking love to sing and it’s important to own a welcome song that you can sing at the start of each lesson. It really is an routine that is interactive signals the commencement of this lesson.Use a song that features a simple to keep in mind melody with plenty of repetition; the easier and simpler the lyrics the higher. If it offers actions as well then not only can your learners believe it is more straightforward to understand, the quieter children may well be more inclined to participate.