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When you should Take a maternity Test (Don’t go on it Too Early!)

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When you should Take a maternity Test (Don’t go on it Too Early!)

Important Takeaways

  • It’s not advised to simply take a maternity test before 12 – 2 weeks past ovulation (DPO)
  • Perform the test 2 days later on, regardless of outcomes
  • Remember to make use of pregnancy test that is high-quality

If you’re looking to get expecting, you’ve most likely skilled the agony of wondering whether you need to have a maternity test. Specially when you’re experiencing prospective very early signs and symptoms of maternity like sickness, headaches, and exhaustion, it could be difficult to resist testing early. You may not have to wait before the day that is first of missed period, or are you able to test early in the day?

Just how long can I wait before taking a maternity test?

Maternity tests just work once the maternity hormone chorionic that is human (hCG) has accumulated in your body. This often takes place around 11 – 12 times after ovulation. Nearly all women manage to get thier duration around 2 weeks after ovulation.

You ovulated, you can approximate this window by taking a pregnancy test two days before your period is due if you don’t know when.