Adolescent Same-Sex and Opposite-Sex Companion Interactions

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Adolescent Same-Sex and Opposite-Sex Companion Interactions

Article excerpt

A few research reports have highlighted the importance that is critical of in individual development (Goldstein, Field, & Healy, 1989; Greenberg, Siegel, & Leitch, 1983). A recently available writeup on the literary works on relationship revealed that kids with good friends revealed better educational performance, were less likely to want to drop away from school, and had reduced prices of juvenile delinquency and adult psychopathology (Parker & Asher, 1987). Another review emphasized that the DSM-III-R makes use of not enough close peer relationships as a criterion for a amount of psychiatric problems of youth (Reisman, 1985).

Intimate friendship is apparently perhaps one of the most salient faculties of adolescence, way more compared to past stages that are developmentalBuhrmester, 1990).